Photography inspiration from inspiring photographers

“Swallow me NYC” by Aurélien Heilbronn

Aurélien Heilbronn was born and raised in Paris and he is now living in Los Angeles. “Swallow me” is a snippet of what was his lifestyle in NYC.

LA Odyssey – Conceptions, 2013

Conceptions is part one of an ongoing photographic series entitled LA Odyssey, featuring the works of artists Lily Flores, Serge Gil, and Kristy Mann. Born out of a love and passion for Los Angeles, Flores, Gil & Mann have collaborated […]

“Soon and bitch” by Ren Hang – 任航

Originally from Chang Chun in the Jilin province of Northeastern China, Ren Hang is a poet and photographer living and working in Beijing. Deliberately provocative, Ren Hang’s images challenge conventional codes of morality in a still highly conservative society.

Self Portraits by Anna Marcell

Anna Marcell is a visual artist, self portrait and fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Anna work mostly with a 35mm and a Polaroid camera. Her self portraiture work stems from intimacy because it shows how she is feeling […]

“Weekends” by Magdalena Wosinska

Magdalena Wosinka is a Polish photographer born in 1983. She moved to Arizona in 1991 where she learned photography and developed the style she is known for. This series is a body of work based on Magda and her friends, […]

“Personal study” by giangiacomo pepe

Giangiacomo Pepe was born in 1984 in Genova. Currently Pepe is most known for his controversial personal study which started 4 years ago by photographing his ex-girlfriend.

“Lunacy” by Sabina Tabakovic

Sabina Tabaković is a photographer and model scout based in Sweden. Sabina regularly exhibits her own work with the models she discovers. To her, photography is a personal diary and a reflection of the soul. She finds that taking self-portraits […]

“Faces of Vietnam” by Greta Tuckute

Greta Tuckute is a nineteen year old photographer based in Copenhagen. She picked up her l first camera at the age of eleven and became a talented portraiture and travel photographer. In this series the aim was to capture the […]

“Indie portraits” by Giulia Bersani

Giulia Bersani is a 20 year old Milan-based photographer who discovered photography about a year ago. Most of the photos below have been shot with an old analog Zenit camera.

“Waiting” by Jana Romanova

This series is a new photographic series called “Waiting” by the Russian photographer Jana Romanova. This series depicts young Russian couples, who are preparing to become parents in few months. The series investigates not only their attitude to each other […]

“Illusion” by Barbara Scerbo

Barbara Scerbo is a photographer from Italy and usually specialises in Fashion photography. This time she wanted to create a series on optical illusions. The idea is centered on what she can see behind the model.

“The Frail Second” by Htet T San

Htet T San was born in Dawei, a small town in the southern part of Burma, and grew up in Yangon. In August 2008, Htet received a scholarship to study photography in University of Alabama-Huntsville and she chose to pursue […]

Surreal Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

Step into the magical land of the 26 year old Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova. The young artist creates visual fairy-tales that include wild animals such as slithering snakes, baby foxes and hedgehogs.

“Quiet Beauty” by Braden Summers

A modern take on traditional portraiture, exaggerating and complimenting the beauty of each subject.  The work is highly influenced by painters such as Amadeo Modigliani, Tamara de Lempicka and Egon Schiele. Check out more on Braden Summers’ website.

“Little 15” By Desirée Pfeiffer

Desirée Pfeiffer is a portrait and fine-art photographer, based in San Francisco, California. “Little 15” is an ongoing project. It is a collection of photographs inspired by the soundtrack of hers teenage years. Each image captures a poignant moment during her […]

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