“Star Dust” by Ludovic Florent

“Star Dust” by Ludovic Florent - Photography inspiration

Ludovic Florent is a 36 years old French photographer specialised in chiaroscuro photography.
Check out more of Ludovic’s work on his portfolio.

Ludovic Florent Ludovic Florent Photographe-Ludovic-Florent-poussière-detoile11 Photographe-Ludovic-Florent-poussière-detoile13 Ludovic Florent Photographe-Ludovic-Florent-poussière-detoile15 Photographe-Ludovic-Florent-poussiere-detoile18 Ludovic Florent

Published the 23 September 2014

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  1. Ray Gatt
    31 December 2016 at 14 h 05 min · Reply

    I like to watch your photos

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