Surreal Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

Surreal Photography by Katerina Plotnikova - Photography inspiration

Step into the magical land of the 26 year old Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova. The young artist creates visual fairy-tales that include wild animals such as slithering snakes, baby foxes and hedgehogs.

1-photography-by-katerina-plotnikova 2-photography-by-katerina-plotnikova 3-katerina-plotnikova 4-katerina-plotnikova 5-katerina-plotnikova 6-katerina-plotnikova 7-katerina-plotnikova 8-katerina-plotnikova 9-katerina-plotnikova 10-katerina-plotnikova 11-katerina-plotnikova

Published the 29 September 2013


  1. 8 August 2015 at 7 h 36 min · Reply

    these are really beautiful

  2. KHHAS
    29 September 2015 at 12 h 03 min · Reply

    that is very nice

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